Sunday, November 6, 2016

3D printed pass the butter robot from Rick and Morty

This is a 3d printed version of one of my favorite TV show, I will post the solidworks and STL files and information how to assemble one of this this is just a test run, the base is from a "I-spy Mini Wireless Wifi App-control Spy Tank Rc Car"


  1. Hey! Just reaching out to see if we could upload and feature your video on Facebook? We will of course credit and link back to you. Please drop me an email on

  2. Try to imagine the meme of Fry saying "Shut up and take my money!"

    1. thanks, I wish I can sell it but the TV show owns the design, I'm writing the tutorial I will post it soon.

  3. Sharing the technical information with the people is good and nice habit. My dilemma is the basic knowledge of these products is not understandable at first occasion. Good luck for the next one.

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