Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wi-Fi, Ethernet module for led control

This is a 4 layer board that I designed using the pic32mx795f512l and the marvell 88w8686 Wi-Fi chip. It includes an Ethernet controller and spi output to control LEDS strips.

This is a video of the controller, controlling 5 sets of 64 RGB leds.

16x16 Led Panels

16x16 Led Panels connected together

This is a set of 2 matrix led panels that is controlled with a Pic32 and an Ethernet module. Each panel has its own IP, and from the windows application you can select the location of the panel to form an array of panels and to display whatever is on your desktop into the panel.

 16x16 Led Panel


This is the single version of the led panel.  

Settings for the program

 Here you can see the settings for the program of how easy it is to comunicates with the panels.

Pick up table tennis ball robot

Pick up table tennis ball robot

     This robot is designed to pick up table tennis balls and it is not a kit. I completely designed and built it for a friend who plays table tennis. The front side of the robot has an opening in the corner of the concave angle formed by the two sides. There is a rotational door in this opening, which is activated by a couple of sensors located on top of the door. When the sensors receive a signal about an object e.g. like a table tennis ball, the signal is transmitted to a servo engine which turns the rotational door in 360 degrees hitting the object inside the robot as shown in image 3 and 4. The Robot can be operated in two ways;
1) By using a remote control, which permits the user to increase or decrease the speed of the lateral wheels.
2) By activation with a chip located inside the robot, which allows the robot to move independently and in a randomly.

Either way, independent movement or remote controlled movement, the robot will move on the floor surface and all balls which come close to the front will activate the rotational door and the ball is pushed to the inside the robot.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016